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Valentine’s Day to-do’s: When action speaks louder than words

'ElNella' love team partners Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador spent Valentine's with their fans at Cadbury Love Out Loud on February 14, 3 p.m. onwards at Lane O, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. ABS-CBN/Released
MANILA, Philippines — Thinking of what to wear, what to give, or what to do on Valentine’s Day?
Check out the following suggestions.

‘The Greatest Showman’ sing-along

The Greatest Showman Sing-Along 
With all the last song syndromes from the hit musical treat, “The Greatest Showman,” Twentieth Century Fox and SM Cinema are inviting mall-goers and fans alike to experience the spectacle of the melodic blockbuster with its Sing-Along version exclusive in select SM Cinema theaters. 
Fans can also bask in the beauty of the Greatest Showman’s costume display until February 14 at SM Aura and SM North EDSA. The special show of The Greatest Showman Sing-Along starts February 7 at your favorite SM Cinema.

Make an Instagram-worthy collage of your loved one

From left: Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Oppo A83 (inset).
Who does not love a perfect and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed? Start helping your girlfriend achieve her #FeedGoals by taking Instagram-worthy photos of her.
Here are a few basic tips for you gents in upping your Instagram Boyfriend status: 
1. Natural lighting is everything 
As cliché as it may sound, lighting is always the key. You can change the mood and atmosphere of a shot just by playing with light and shadows. Popular YouTubers and Instagrammers say that the best lighting is natural light a.k.a. the sun. The best part? It’s completely free! 
Watch out for the Golden Hour – a short time just before sunset and sunrise. During this time, the sun emits the best light for photography as it gives off soft and even lighting perfect for the shots you’ll take of your girlfriend. Practice by experimenting when taking her picture from different levels and angles.
2. Know her best angles
Highlight the best features by taking her photos from her best angles. Don’t be afraid to direct and guide her to create better poses; like lifting her chin or making her smile wider. That will serve as plus points for you IG boyfriend career! 
3. Find the perfect location
Background is just as important as the subject. Give your girlfriend nothing but the best, including the best background for her photos. It can be a plain wall, flowers, or the city lights. Make sure to match the background with her #OOTD. 
4. More shots means more chances of winning 
Being an Instagram boyfriend isn’t a walk in the park, so always be patient. Make sure you take more than one photo and allow her to choose which ones are the best. Take photos from different angles with her doing different poses and backgrounds just to offer her that beautiful variety. 
5. Use a good smartphone camera
The best shots come from the best equipment. Making use of a great camera will surely capture the beauty of your partner. Maximizing the features of a great smartphone camera like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro can ensure effortless and professional-looking photography for you and your partner. Its AI-powered scene and object recognition features will help you shoot perfection and capture your sweetest moments together. customers who will purchase the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro in Pink Gold are entitled to get a free restaurant gift voucher until February 18.
Recently, Oppo Philippines also introduced the fourth member of its A.I. Beauty and Full Screen technology smartphones, the A83. The ¬entry mid-range smartphone category boasts of a 18:9 full screen display, A.I. Beauty Selfies, Facial Unlock, powerful processor performance, and battery life of up to 13.5 hours.
Living up to its “Selfie Expert” handle, the A83 carries the A.I. Beauty Technology with an eight-megapixel front camera that can detect more than 200 facial recognition spots for a more personalized beautification based on facial traits. This results to natural-looking selfies without the hassle of adjusting camera settings. It also features an auto mode for A.I. recommended beautification. 
Bonifacio Global City's Valentine installation could be a good background for photos. The exhibit is until February 28.

Appreciate art

Artwork by Tanya Gaisano-Lee
February is not only the love month, it is also National Arts Month.
Among today’s up-and-coming artists delving on love is Tanya Gaisano-Lee.
Having never attended any formal art classes, Gaisano-Lee (tgaisano at yahoo) is a Davao-based self-taught artist who began her artistic journey with only a black pen.
Originally using simple black and white patterns, the artist eventually began diversifying and incorporating vivid colors and textures into her art using acrylics and ink - all of which have now become integral elements of her artistic expression.   
Tanya’s style is largely inspired by her experiences and exposure to foreign arts and cultures from her frequent travels. Her art is best described as contemporary, having a single subject, distinct patterns, and vibrant colors.  
Erotic art, being the chosen subject of her first solo exhibit “Beyond Nude” at the Crucible Gallery, aims to provide a distinction from what others may consider as more conventional or “safe” subject. Each piece and position is the artist’s own interpretation based on thorough research into the subject of erotic art. Each piece is unique, yet relatable.   
For a woman, there is nothing more erotic than being understood. The chosen subject is intrinsically controversial. In this modern day and age, it represents the various extant, albeit stifled, human desires considered by society as “taboo.” These desires churn beneath a thin veneer of routine normalcy but every so often break to the surface before they are stifled yet again by conservatism, religion, and culture.   
The exhibit symbolized the beauty and turmoil of our forbidden desires and, for a brief moment in time, provides a place where they can run wild and free.   

Have a beauty makeover 

Celebrities Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera wearing Avon Philippines' pink lipsticks (left). Morrison Premium takes pride in safe beauty products (right).
Whether single or not, it does not hurt to love yourself!
When facing life’s pursuits, nothing prepares you like pep talk from a trusted friend or affirmations before starting each day. But sometimes, all it takes is the right kind of lipstick to tell the world that you are ready for anything. This year, it is all about pink. 
For every moment in a Filipina’s life, makeup brand Avon has a shade and finish that can help. From soft blushes to energetic pinks, the offers more than just lipstick shades. They offer swipes of confidence, happiness, and of course, beauty. 
The brand offers a wide array of shades that complement Filipinas’ skin tones, more so, whatever mood and circumstance they are in. Pick your pink from True Ultra Color and Perfectly Matte lipstick lines.
This year’s trend in lip color has a pink for every Pinay. If you are feeling fun and ready for a night out, Matte in Electric Pink will get the job done. If you are ready to ask your boss for that promotion, be gorgeously bold with True Ultra Color in Hot Pink. If romance is in the air for you, Matte in Mauve Matters is a good choice. Lastly, to give off a pure and innocent aura, the all-new Ultra Color in Sunny Pink is an ideal choice. This coral pink shade has a satin finish and it’s bright enough for a summery day at the park as well. 
Alongside Sunny Pink are three new other shades under the True Ultra Color line, which has SPF 15 and Color Reveal Technology. This line guarantees that the color you see on the stick is the color you will see on your lips.  
Fuchsia Fever is a bright playful shade with deep berry tones and tons of iridescent shimmer. Pink Dream is a more daytime-appropriate shade with a lighter pink tone and a subtler shimmer. Discovery Pink is a peachy-pink shade perfect for low-key days when you just want a subtle pop of color.
Do-it-yourself skin tightening regimens have always been a huge interest among beauty junkies because they fight off sagging and loose skin that manifest aging. Tightening one’s skin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as shrink pores to achieve youthful-looking skin. And there is no other natural beauty ingredient available that does the job well than egg whites.
Egg whites have been used all around the world as an anti-aging beauty secret for centuries, dating way back in Ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, China and the Arabian Peninsula. Egg whites are rich in protein and albumin that have natural skin tightening and toning properties, and when used as facial mask, it helps in achieving that beautiful, youthful and supple skin.
For ages, egg whites have been used as home-made face masks to lift and tighten facial skin. Beauty lovers believe that egg white facial masks have similar effects to that of a short-term facelift. Bellissima Egg White Beauty Soap has a patented whitening formulation that uses real egg whites to capture all of its anti-aging and skincare benefits for a bright, young-looking, clear skin. The soap takes pride in using egg white’s natural tightening properties that reduce the appearance of fine lines and restores elasticity to the skin. 
Originally created for fanatic cosplayers, Cospray Washable Hair Spray’s formulation was especially developed with the users’ safety as top priority in mind. 
“Five years ago, when we chanced upon a cosplay event and asked what the cosplayers were using to color their hair, they told us that they used commercial spray paint in cans and used thinner to remove it afterwards,” said Morris Gonzales, founder of Summa Trade, the company that developed Cospray, which is available in seven colors at Mercury Drug, PCX and Landmark stores.
“This alarmed us that these kids were not aware how these commercial grade spray paints have lead and other toxic ingredients that are not safe to be applied to our scalp and skin since these are easily absorbed. Thus, we developed a safe, dermatologist-tested formula that makes it possible to color hair conveniently, without worrying about bad effects to one’s health,” Morris added.
Made with high quality, food-grade colorants from Germany, the spray’s formula is FDA-approved, paraben-free and dermatologist-tested. The formula is really mild and safe, that even four-year-old kids can color their hair safely.
“Filipinos are emotional, and they love to express themselves. One best way to do that is through their hair colors,” Morris explained.
Morrison Premium is a beauty company that has always been committed to its vision of producing safe and effective skincare products. “There are so many products for the skin available in the market but only few actually deliver results. What’s more, those that do work, not only contain unsafe ingredients, but will usually also cost you a fortune,” said Morris Gonzales, developerand founder of Morrison Premium Lotion. “Our commitment is pretty straightforward: to always make sure we offer effective skin whitening products, using only safe and mild ingredients that are kind to your skin.”
Some products in the market may contain unsafe ingredients that can harm not only your skin, but also your overall health. The most common ones are parabens such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben, which allow skin care products to survive for months or even years. The bad news is, these same paraben chemicals also enter your body through your skin when you use such products. These chemicals may mimic hormones in the body and disrupt functions of the endocrine system, while some may even cause cancer.
“All lotion products are paraben-free, dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. Although skin whitening has always been a need and want among Filipino clientele when it comes to skincare, we believe in developing products that individually target specific problem areas or issues,” said Morris. “Dark elbows and knees, stretch marks and aging skin issues are the most common worries of Filipino beauty junkies today, and those are the same issues we have been addresseing and solving through our safe skin care product range.” 
Stretch Mark Collagen Body Cream is paraben-free and dermatologist-tested, making sure that the ingredients used in helping lighten your stretch marks are safe and healthy for your skin. It is also hypoallergenic, with very mild ingredients that do not cause irritation.
Meanwhile, Collagen Whitening Body Lotion has collagen that brightens and whitens skin, and is paraben-free, dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic.
“In2015, we were looking for a whitening lotion line that is 100 percent safe and healthy to skin, and we found out that there’s so few of that in the market. So I conceptualized a skincare line that’s specially designed to be ‘kind to the skin’,” Morris shared. “Through rigorous researches and tests, we have come up with this committed vision of offering paraben-free, derma-tested and hypoallergenic, collagen-infused line of whitening products that will satisfy the whim of Filipino to have fairer skin, in a healthy, safe way.” 

Solo parents, celebrate and be proud

Century City honors single parents with activities for them..
It is true: some of the most hardworking people we know are solo parents. There are those who work two shifts a day to support their family. Some take care of their children solely, and sometimes forget that they too need to take better care of themselves. Indeed, solo parents are heroes.
So, this “love month,” Century City Mall honors all solo parents via a fun and interactive two-day event full of treats from Century Cafe, as well as financial wellness and self-care talks from industry experts for the benefit of solo parents.
For a limited time, solo parents who already have the “Solo Parent ID” gets a free limited-edition Valentine Teddy if they make purchases at the mall worth at least Php500. Those who wish to enroll at Curves gets 50 percent off when they sign up within February.  

Get married in KidZania’s marriage booth

You can get married and get a marriage certificate from KidZania's governor.
Now is the time to be a news anchor, a DJ, or an actor for a night, and explore the world of media and entertainment as KidZania Manila opens its doors to grownups with its Back to KidZ Love Fair happening on Thursday (February 15). 
Exclusive for adults 18 years old and up, the Back to KidZ event is going to be an evening full of excitement as guests navigate the indoor kid-sized play hub and experience the many interactive role play opportunities inside, including careers in various Kapamilya establishments, which normally can only be accessed by children.  
For this year’s special night, adults get to walk down memory lane and relive the fun of their high school days. The city comes alive with traditional school fair favorites – marriage booth, jail booth, dedication booth, and so much more – plus the many exciting careers already available for visitors to play in.
Dreams of becoming the newest singing or game show star come alive at KidZania’s ABS-CBN TV Studio where guests showcase their voices to convince the coaches on “The Voice” to turn around and say “I Want You”, or play solo or as a group in fun timed challenges on “Minute To Win It.”
Thrill-seekers may explore the work of a lineman in SKYCable’s Climbing Building, or try their hand at being a television shopping host at O-Shopping’s Home Shopping Studio.
Writer wannabes may work at Metro’s Magazine Publishing Company. Those looking to get closer to their special someone can visit the ABS-CBNmobile Shop to rent a pair of handcuffs or a kiss stamp. They also get a phone to call and send in their special love greetings to be read on air via the Radio Station’s hotline.
Aspiring DJs or radio anchors can sign up at MOR and DZMM’s Radio Station to play the night’s top music hits, deliver news reports or live on-the-scene coverage, and even share live Valentines dedications sent in from visitors who have rented from the shop.
Guests help spread the love by signing up and training in Star Magic’s Acting Studio. There, they can either join a dance crew-style street dance performance or serenade visitors with romantic love songs as Singing Telegrams. Or, they can also line up at the Star Music Studio to sing and play their hearts out to their favorite love songs, karaoke-style. 
Finally, those looking for love can sign up as searchees in KidZania’s very own dating show Perfect Catch, playing live onstage at the ABS-CBN Theater. Winners get a romantic date and city tour aboard the Love Bus, plus cool prizes. To add some spice to the evening, special Kapamilya searchers are slated to attend and give lucky winning searchees a Valentines night to remember.

Go on a shopping spree

Lladro 'Riding with You' figurine
This season of love, find an array of selections at SSI Group, Inc., ranging from fashion and beauty to home and food. 
Throw on statement-making outfits from Tommy Hilfiger or Marks & Spencer, and elevate the overall look as he works some leather or suedes from Hackett or Dune, and get as striking with sprays of perfume. She can add just the right dash of bloom and dainty with play on makeup from Beauty Bar or Nars, accessories from Charming Charlie, and clothes from Cortefiel to complement.
While she feels the challenge of choosing a gift for him, she can consider and select from Lacoste, Aeropostale, or Superga for polos, button-down shirts, jackets, or sneakers — some of the things to warm his heart. Flatter your lucky girl with the scent you always long for, a fancy dress, or sleepwear from Women’secret that she can add to her wardrobe, tea to lift her spirits, or perhaps a Diptyque candle that exudes a calming aroma.
Sparkling Jewels is a classic Valentine’s gift for thelady love.From rose and yellow golds to diamonds and other precious stones, Rustan’s stores such as Adami & Martucci and Tiffany& Co. has selections to put add sparkle to the season.
Allow the ladies to exude confidence and feel beautiful in their own skin with luxurious wear from Josie Natori and Trina Turk. Statement pieces like a Christian Louboutin evening bag and high heels with that stunning shade of crimson are stylish wardrobe choices for women, while for men, Montblanc timepiece or writing instrument becomes thoughtful and functional gifts that he can keep close every day, a constant reminder that his efforts are well appreciated.

For nature lovers

Merrell's Chameleon 7 GORE-TEX and the Siren Hex are ideal for hiking.
Unsure of where to take your special someone this Valentine’s?  Make your heart’s day count by bringing them somewhere unique and special whether you prefer city streets or mountain trails. 
For couples making their debut on the hiking scene, there are numerous mountains beginner hikers can mount for a superb experience. With its volcanic white sand, pristine waters, and pine trees, Mt. Pundaquit and Anawangin Cove is definitely a destination where outdoor-lovers can enjoy together. After all, bonding over a day hike on Hearts’ day can only open more opportunities to climb in the future!
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