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Top Travel and Tourism News

Here is why Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, should be in your 2018 bucket list.

Latest Travel and Tourism News

From a distance, the hamlet of Bar Harbor looked modestly pretty as we sailed into Frenchman Bay.

Far away from Tokyo Metropolis, the historic island of Hirado in Nagasaki prefecture offers a refreshing experience for visitors who prefer to witness how life in Japanese countryside goes.

From urban sightseeing to gastronomic experiences to nature trips, Malaysia has lots to offer in terms of tourism. But when it comes to fun and adventure, theme parks are the place to be.

The five-star Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Mactan Island, Cebu made a significant gesture of support to the Duterte administration’s thrust to boost Japanese visitor arrivals to the Philippines with an intensive sales blitz in four cities in Japan.

Visit the martyrdom site of first Filipino martyr and saint Lorenzo Ruiz in Nagasaki.

There could be 1.8 billion tourists or just over one in five persons in the world traveling around the globe by 2030, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Back then, it will take a four-hour ride to Roxas City before Boracay residents can watch new movies in cinemas.

Lying east of Nagasaki City, the Shimabara Peninsula is home to geoparks, hot springs, mountains, tourism spots and Christian sites. 

Maybe someday I will come back and be able to afford to actually live in Paris, even for just two years. I am an old soul.



Don’t forget to pack a warm jacket and comfy shoes. This Christmas, the theme park has lots of great activities for every member of the family.




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