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It was Cha-Cha the Chihuahua dressed as a small Pet Rescue ambulance who won the hearts of the judges and audience, too, among the over 70 dogs and cats competing for the title of Transylvania Star (best pet in costume) at the 14th Scaredy Cats & Dogs of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) recently. The Halloween fundraiser event was held at the Fisher Mall Event Center.

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Gary wasn’t used to being around people. He didn’t like being touched, or even looked at. If anyone came too close, he’d lash out.

It was my first time, after over 15 years of covering pet blessings, to bring a cat to the event. Being a professed dog-lover for almost 50 years is no secret. And, although I have rescued and taken in over 20 stray cats in the village where I live, this is the first year that I have actually taken a cat to the blessing.

‘Dogs bring out the gentle side of me. They brighten up my day! They are #stressdrilon busters!’


It was the best party ever, for me, at least. I got to take Puppy, my eight-week-old Bichon pup, with me to the event, which was filled with dog lovers and foodies — who are also staunch supporters of The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Wherever Marlon Stockinger is, the globally-renowned Filipino race car driver brings with him not only his pit crew, but also his pet crew.

The homely hounds and their humans arrived hours before the show to socialize and size up the competition at the World's Ugliest Dog Contest Friday, where dog lovers celebrate the imperfections of man's best friend.

I first met Lionel, a bouncy, handsome, brown Golden Retriever with a big head that fitted on my lap when he needed petting, around 11 years ago.

‘They are our therapy dogs because they help alleviate stress,’ shares Dr. Z Teo



What happens when two design stars come together for a project?

‘Although we do allow dogs into Aracama, in my (near) future resto, there will be a small menu for dogs who come with their  humans,’ says chef Fern Aracama.

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