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“It’s like I lived in my basketball clothes because that’s all that ever fit me here," said Greg Slaughter.

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All Marvel fans’ eyes were riveted down under this weekend for the Asian premiere of "Thor: Ragnarok," released by Disney Studios Motion Pictures in a smashing rollout in Sydney, Australia.

"Mas makulit pa s’ya (Maja Salvador) kay Alex (Gonzaga) eh," said Joseph Marco.

Netflix, the pioneering streaming network, celebrated the launch of its third season of "Narcos" this September 1 by pulling out the big guns: flying media to the show’s location in Bogotá, Colombia.

“Most things are difficult and having patience is key,” Menk mentioned in his statement, talking about his life as a father of two kids with his spouse Erin.

This Father’s Day, celebrate the man in your life by celebrating his passions with him. Whether your dad’s into sports or music, fashion or travel, or simply a hardworking guy, there’s always something you can give him to make him feel extra special.


Mixing Goya’s “Colossus” with modern kaiju and Japanese robot elements, Spanish director and writer Nacho Vigalondo has crafted an indie parable about alcoholism, co-dependency and bullying, housed in a sci-fi comedy that gets surprisingly dark at times.

Delta Air Lines opened its new interactive exhibit on Tuesday, the very first Boeing 747-400 put into operation in 1989 and now permanently displayed across from the Delta Flight Museum at its world headquarters in Atlanta.

A good personality and a good image make Misagh Bahadoran "pogi." He has a business and a dental clinic to take care of, but makes sure he always has time for his girlfriend, Filipina model Sam Pinto, who he describes as understanding and supportive.

It will probably be his last red carpet walk for a character he’s played in nine X-Men features.

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