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As part of its commemoration of “100 Years of Philippine Cinema,” the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has selected a dozen classic Filipino films for its 2018 wall calendar.

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Just before the Christmas break, I had a chance to speak to three different groups — the local media in Iloilo, the Philippine Genome Center in UP, and the Philippine Information Agency — about popularizing technical information, of the kind produced by academic and government institutions, especially in their research.

Multi-disciplinary/multi-media artist Michelline Syjuco remembers growing up in a compound in New Manila, which was like a designated zone for artists. Filmmaker Peque Gallaga lived a few houses away.

Rhine Bernardino claims to be the first and only Filipino to obtain a Master of Arts in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London.

These objects affirm, for me, that the past happened, and more than that, that the past will be remembered.

Dr. Cesar Ruiz Aquino and I would rib ‘Butch’ Macansantos about the alchemical process he had applied on his early use of imagery. He had written those poems in his late 20s.

It was described as the impossible event made possible in the mystical land of India where 42 international poet-delegates from various countries in the world and 120 poet-delegates representing more than 100 poetry organizations from the host country trooped to Hotel Sitara in Ramoji Film City for a five-day international poetry conference festivities.

Through the exhibit, teen lensman Basti Belmonte aims to redefine "strays" from its usual meaning of nuisance to "storytellers" with their own lessons to share.

Rated ‘A’ by the Cinema Evaluation Board (the only film that has achieved this distinction among the festival entries), ‘Ang Larawan’ is a moving portrait of a family — and the nation — as it grapples with frailties, hardships and assaults to the old tradition.

By the time you read this, you have already uploaded a hundred selfies (your lusterless mug floating in the cold, heartless spaces of the Cloud) or pictures of shoes, pets, as well as curated, clustered calories about to be funneled into your gaping abyss of a mouth; posted your thoughts on Stranger Things Season Two or the absolutely bonkers Bright featuring Will Smith and his orc partner (— “This is like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes…” er, how, what?); or trolled through dozens of discussions about political issues pertaining to our own sad Republic (everything reduced unfortunately into the showdown between “Dilawan” and “Dutertards”)…

The seller told me that his mother was a caregiver in Paris, whose clients gifted her with all manner of odds and ends — old books, Russian banknotes, silver spoons — and so the Pinoy diaspora once again works amazing wonders

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