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PAF names new communications head

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Air Force (PAF) announced yesterday the designation of its new communications chief, Col. Samuel Angot. 

Major Gen. Antonio Ramon Lim, PAF chief of air staff, led the welcome and change of command ceremony Monday to formally designate Angot as assistant chief of air staff for Communication Electronics and Information System (CEIS) or OA-6.

Prior to his designation as CEIS head, Angot spent years in the realm of communication and electronics holding several positions at the CEIS unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

He earlier worked as commandant, acting deputy commander, Technical Working Group assistant chairman of the Air Defense Surveillance Radar Project and commander for the Cyberspace Security Group, among others.

Lt. Colonel John Resner Jayme will serve as Angot’s deputy and commander of 950th CEIS Group at the same time. 


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