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To honor camomot’s good deeds: Dodong Gullas to hold feeding in Carcar City

CEBU, Philippines — An awe-inspiring experience witnessing the exhumation and interment of the remains of Archbishop Teofilo Camomot has prompted Jose “Dodong” Gullas to initiate a program, which the latter considers the closest to the heart of the late Cebuano prelate.

Gullas, who will celebrate his 84th birthday on February 1, said he will hold a feeding program on January 28, Sunday.

The program targets to gather at least 500 indigent children from barangays Poblacion II and Valladolid in Carcar City, the birthplace and resting place of Camomot.

Gullas said the feeding program will serve as a gift or offering to Camomot, whom Gullas deeply venerates for his renowned virtues and great acts of compassion and generosity especially for the poor.

“By nature, Archbishop Camomot is very generous to the poor. Because of him, it is also my desire to do the same. If I can do something for the less fortunate, I will be happy. I also wish to plant goodness and kindness here in Earth,” said Gullas, who sits as The FREEMAN chairman.

“(I thought of this because) I was deeply touched last January 3 and 4 when I was able to witness a once in a lifetime moment,” he said.

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He was referring to the exhumation of Camomot’s skeletal remains at the motherhouse of Daughters of Saint Teresa, the religious congregation which the prelate founded and still active up to this day.

After the remains were examined, they were transferred and interred at the nearby museum built in his honor. The museum named Domus Teofilo or House of Teofilo also houses the personal effects and written accounts of Camomot.

Gullas said he wanted to hold the feeding program at the DST motherhouse in Barangay Valladolid on the 28th.

The program beneficiaries will be identified by the DST sisters.

Moreover, Gullas recently met with the closest relatives of Camomot, informing them about his feeding program and also to get to know them.

The program will be part of the annual “Halad Pasalamat” of the Jose R. Gullas Foundation, which offers various outreach programs and charitable projects especially for those in need.

A day before the scheduled feeding program, the foundation will offer anew free dental and medical services, including alternative medicine like acupressure or reflexology on January 27 at UV Gullas College of Medicine in Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City. (FREEMAN)

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