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CCCI to help push Cebu agri-tourism

CEBU, Philippines — Recognizing tourism as the economic growth accelerator for Cebu, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) plans to initiate programs that would push agri-tourism this year.

CCCI president Melanie Ng expressed optimism that promoting agri-tourism would further boost the countryside development as well as augment the livelihood means of farmers and communities.

CCCI is aligning its direction with tourism stakeholders as well as the government in capitalizing the agricultural lands of the country, not just as producing piece of properties, but as tourist destinations.

Ng cited the town of Dalaguete, the vegetable basket of Cebu, as a good destination to push for in the agri-tourism category.

In an interview with DOT-7 regional director Shalimar Tamano, he said that farm tourism is one of the tourism products that the Philippines is going to capitalize on.

Tamano said he got the direct instruction from DOT-7 secretary Wanda T. Teo that farm tourism, sports tourism and faith tourism are the star focus of this administration.

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Cebu, Tamano said can well leverage on these products, but everybody should be involved in pushing these new attractions.

Aside from the vegetable farms in Dalaguete, other potential agri-tourism destinations include the coffee farm in Tuburan, flower and organic farms in the mountainous areas in Cebu City, among others.

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