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The Department of Agriculture (DA) plans to spend at least half a billion pesos to facilitate the entry of the rice-corn blend in the local market.

People have often associated organically-grown salad greens with healthy eating.

The total value of the country’s agricultural trade grew 6.5 percent in the third quarter of the year as exports increased alongside imports,  according to latest government data.

Latest Agriculture News

Agricultural producers must embrace revolutionary strategies to increase productivity, deliver cost-effective technologies, and ensure sustainable food supply.

The Philippines’ fast-growing cacao and chocolate industry will boost a promising farm tourism industry that caters to foreign and local visitors looking for wholesome fun and adventure in the countryside.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is extending a P50 million credit facility to Lanao del Norte to help improve the livelihood of farmers.

The local agritourism has failed to fully develop this year  due to insufficient funds and lack of government support.

Farmgate prices of paddy rice sustained their upward trend, growing six percent as of last week, the Philippine Statistics Authority reported.

Organic farming plays a crucial role in helping farmers and producers meet consumers’ demand for organic food products.

An all-women group dubbed as Kilos Unlad ng Mamayan ng Real (KUMARE) Inc. has seen the great potential of kamias  by turning this underutilized crop as additional source of income.

The Calabarzon region has seen a surge in the number of accredited farm tourism sites this year, a tourism official said.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is looking at the province of Bohol as the country’s dairy capital as the government beefs up efforts to develop the industry and lessen dependence on importation.

The flagship lending program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) reported a 100 percent repayment record in the Cordilleras as the government aims to improve the country’s lending for the sector.