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More firms using digital advertising

MANILA, Philippines — Companies  are now using both digital and traditional forms of advertising, according to digital research firm RTL Research and Tech Lab.

Traditional companies in the Philippines such as food, finance, retail, telecommunications among others, have relied mainly on traditional methods such as billboards, celebrity endorsers, newspaper and TV ads to get their brands to reach their target audience.

“Today, however, the move toward digital transformation is already taking place even if at a relatively slow pace. Realizing that their customers are becoming tech-savvy and hyper-connected with a large number of the population active in social media, traditional companies are working double time to stay relevant and meet the needs that are tailor fit to their customers’ demands,” RTL said in a report.

RTL made a cross tabulation of industries and the marketing strategy firms employ.

Results showed that 77 companies, mostly in the food business, used celebrities or influencers to endorse their product.

According to RTL, Filipinos still largely look to celebrities as a driver behind their product choices.

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In another cross tabulation done by RTL which compares several industries’ market strategy and digital assets, 13 brands appear to have no digital assets. Five of these brands are from the retail industry, whose use of celebrities equate to using traditional media to endorse their product.

RTL said companies must embrace both the traditional and digital methods to remain in the radar screen of consumers.

“The best way to get into the heart of people’s interest is through social media,” the research firm said.

The same digital research company saw  food, household and personal care, retail, consumer electronics, and beverages as the top five industries that utilize digital assets. Their presence is felt in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. As of RTL’s latest reading, 43 brands are already visible in digital, utilizing four digital assets.

RTL said digital transformation would continue to make its presence felt in the years to come. 

“With the developments taking place in traditional industries, it is safe to say that the Philippines has what it takes to use this operating principle to its advantage well into the future,” RTL said.

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