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Banat Punsoy

Banat News first saw print on August 23, 1994.

The first Cebuano tabloid, Banat News started out as an experiment thought of by then The Freeman Publisher Joselito “Jiji” F. Gullas and then The Freeman Editor-in-chief Juanito V. Jabat.

The tandem considered the tabloid an experiment because it did not follow tradition. Instead of hard news items, the tabloid featured human interest, horror, and believe-it-or-not stories written in Cebuano. Though the “experiment” was met with criticisms and negative feedback at first, the tabloid found a following among the “masa” crowd and was eventually accepted by the reading public, with the readers clamoring for hard news written in Cebuano.

Thus, Banat News started carrying hard news stories alongside features, further increasing its circulation and following from Cebu province to Central Visayas and other Visayan speaking areas.

It was in 2004, when the company behind The Freeman and Banat News entered into a merger with the STAR Group of Publications.

The merger proved to be a boost in Banat News’ circulation and coverage as it started featuring sports and entertainment news and introduced sections catering to special groups in society such as Manobela for drivers and Kamerkadohan for market vendors.

Today, Banat News is one of the most respected and well-read tabloids in the region with a circulation of 80,000 copies daily.

  • Jose R. Gullas
  • Miguel G. Belmonte
  • John Vicente F. Gullas
    Vice Chairman
  • Lucien C. DyTioco
    Executive Vice President
  • Melandro M. Mendoza
    General Manager
  • Bong Martinez
    Advertising Supervisor-Manila
  • Joseph B. Dematera
    Circulation Supervisor
  • Lucky P. Malicay
    Editor in Chief
  • Rene U. Borromeo
    Associate Director
  • Edwin B. Melecio
    News Editor
  • Gregg M. Rubio
    Copy Editor
  • Ennis L. Tanoc
    Copy Editor
  • Ryan Mark
    Hugyaw Editor
  • MenelioR. Abayan
    Sports Editor